Making Your Outdoor Banners
Work Smarter

Did you know that Outdoor Banners can produce the best ROI (Return on investment) of all printed marketing. Vinyl Banners might appear to be a very common and low-tech solution in this age of Social Media but the reason they are still used so frequently is because they work!

Most successful businesses know how, when and where to spend on marketing but if your are just starting out let us guide you through some of the do’s and don’t’s of Banner creation.

In order to maximize the impact of your Outdoor Banner there are a few simple rules you should know.

Choose your location carefully

It might seem obvious to say “Somewhere it will be seen by lots of people” but it’s not quite that simple. Which people are you trying to reach? If your campaign is aimed at other businesses you don’t want your Vinyl Banner situated in the middle of a residential housing estate. 


Adjacent to busy roads or junctions can guarantee a large audience and people waiting at junctions or in traffic jams are more likely to read your message in order to relieve the monotony of sitting in stationary traffic.


It might seem very convenient to attach your Advertising Banner to the fence outside your own business. When doing this you should consider what you are trying to say. This is perfect for advertising specific products and services as well as special offers. If, on the other hand, you are just trying to alert potential customers that you exist then you might achieve better results situating your Banner somewhere else.


Anybody passing by your building should already be aware of your existence due to your fixed signage so situating it further away will enable you to attract potential customers who may not have walked or driven past your building previously.

Keep it simple

When it comes to this sort of marketing, less is more. Unlike a Trade Show or Exhibition you don’t have the benefit of a captive audience. This medium is designed to ‘catch the eye’ of somebody who is traveling from A to B, usually in a hurry.


If you are targeting moving traffic remember you may only have a few seconds to deliver your message. Keep it brief! Your Brand, Concise Message and Contact Details are all you need and not necessarily in that order!


Potential customers are more interested in your products and services than who you actually are. If a passing motorist has only enough time to read one line of text on your banner it should be your USP (Unique Selling Point). If they are interested they will look to see who you are and how to contact you. If all they can see is your logo they may make assumptions that prevent them from reading further.


If you passed a sign and all you noticed was ABC SERVICES would this stick in your mind? If the most visible text was 50% OFF MOT’s THIS MONTH then you know instantly if this is of use and if so, you will make sure to get the contact details either there and then or next time you pass. 

Size matters

Before you choose the size of your Outdoor Advertising Banner you first need to decide where it’s going to be situated and how far away will its intended audience be. Next you have to decide what you want to say, only then should you decide what size Banner to choose so you can be sure that everything you need to say can be printed at the size it needs to be in order to be readable by your target audience..


TEXT SIZE – Here is a guide that will help you create a more easily readable Banner.

Banner Blog
Banner Blog

Serifed fonts are more difficult to read than non-serifed fonts. Also thinner letters are more difficult to read from a distance. It’s also important to use contrasting colours on Banners, pastels and neutral colours will be difficult to distinguish.

Mix it up!

People become blind to what they see every day. Try and change your Banner regularly in order to remain interesting. If you don’t have a different message then simply recreate the same banner in different colour schemes and rotate them. This will increase awareness and it will also make people start doubting their own sanity… so that’s fun!


As with all marketing, a good Banner should attract new customers thereby generating profit. This means that it should produce a nett benefit for your business and as such should be considered an investment rather than a cost. Our Outdoor Vinyl Banners start at £20 + vat. Ready to invest?