Brochures, Posters and Leaflets

What to choose and why?


Brochures are great for marketing or showcasing your new Product, with Prices, Details and General + Indepth info for your client to read through. Brochure Design – Glossy pictures, Great Ad copy (text) all laid out beautifully can make a massive difference to your clients buying the product or putting the brochure down. When choosing your brochure supplier its best to choose one where they work with you on the design!


What do we mean by “Work with you”?

Simply put, are they going to use a template (which can work but not always) or will they work with you to create your vision using tried and tested marketing research on layouts and ad copy, to give your brochure the “Stand Out” look!


We love printing and are proud of what we do especially when it comes to Brochure Printing, let us help you make you a truly stunning Brochure! Gorgeous pictures, great text and we will wait for your approval before we go ahead and print.


This is what sets us apart from others, we like to work on projects WITH our clients. If you’re Happy… We’re Happy! 🙂


Then we have Posters – The Older Brother, these are great for getting your potential clients attention either from your shop window or inside your establishment, like a Office Poster or a poster wall. Draw their eye to your product with big pictures and bold statements – don’t over do it on the text! This is because with a poster we want to spark the interest of the client, not a in-depth analysis – that’s what the Brochure is for 🙂


Big and Bold with vivid colours or a more gentle and subtle clean cut looking poster?

Hmm… Good question!


It would depend on what your advertising to your client and what your goal is.


  • If you were selling a luxury watch, 1 clean cut photo and 1 or 2 details would be perfect for selling an expensive watch
  • If you were advertising a Event or Show, we would recommend big and bold, to get as many people looking at it


Tell us what your selling or planning to achieve and we can help you design something spectacular for your wall poster.



The youngest brother of the 3!


Leaflet Design is the go between, the idea is to get as many people to see your product/service but with more info than a poster.


We get so many leaflets posted into our homes its hard to get noticed…. But why?


Usually their Boring!

Or to much text, leaving us wondering what they are trying to sell.


That’s why we want to work with you on the leaflet design, a balance for standing out and just enough details to not overload your clients is usually the best approach when considering leaflet making.



So… Out of the family….Which is Best?

You probably guessed it… It depends on your goal.


Brochures – for people who are likely to buy your product or service – Convert Leads

Posters – to catch the attention of people – Brand Awareness

Leaflets – A bit of both – generate interest and Leads


But if you still have questions, call us! We love talking about Print.


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